Sahil Murad-Help Build a Mother and Child Healthcare Unit (MCH) for Poor


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This facility will provide maternal and pediatric care in vulnerable poor communities, preventing deaths among them.

Lahore, Pakistan


Medicare Trust is a not-for-profit healthcare organization, based in Lahore, Pakistan. With a primary focus on ensuring safe birth, it has established its first hospital, Medicare Trust Hospital, in the poverty stricken community of Badami Bagh Lahore. In this 50 bedded facility, patients are provided free or highly subsidized treatment


Appeal for Funding

This Mother and Child Healthcare Unit (MCH) will be a small facility for conducting normal deliveries and providing pediatric care to the poor populations near Badami Bagh, Lahore. 

The MCH, which will be in a 5 km radius of Medicare Trust Hospital, will enable us to reach out to a larger population while also providing extensive training to unskilled midwives (through our volunteer Dutch doctors and skilled midwives from Netherlands). This will drastically reduce mother and child deaths in the area, which occur due to lack of medical care.



The MCH is essential for saving precious lives, as currently many poor expecting mothers are in the clutches of untrained midwives. Resultantly, they and their unborn babies are at high risk of mortality during child birth, and often times their children are born with deformities. Nearly 6,000 babies are born each year in Badami Bagh, at the mercy of untrained midwives!


About Medicare Trust

Since its inception in 2000, Medicare Trust has been aiming to serve poor communities in the domain of healthcare. Medicare Trust Hospital, established in October 2004, provides free and subsidized medical care to poor families, particularly in mother and child healthcare.

At Medicare Trust Hospital, nobody is refused treatment irrespective of his or her capacity to pay. 

  • Prenatal services are available 24 hours a day.
  • Patients are examined, advised and treated by gynecologists and house doctors.
  • Ultra Sound Services are available for expectant mothers throughout the day.
  • Delivery Service features a well equipped neontal nursery, having a resuscitation facilty for the newborn in the Baby Intensive Care Unit.
  • OPD Service is available for general public



Why Sponsor Medicare Trust

To date, Medicare Trust Hospital has ensured that the people of Badami Bagh are provided high quality medical care, and maternal and child mortality is reduced to a bare minimum.

Here are the statistics of the year 2014 alone:


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