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Kibiniro Wilfred Kiima-Mitigating Human -Elephant Confilict, HEC Project


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I want the funds to boost the project entitled Human Elephant Conflict in Kasese district using a simple strategy of using red pepper as an animal deterrent, to control elephants

Kasese, Uganda

Mitigating of Human Elephant Conflict(HEC) through red papper growing project is a project that will come up with a simple strategy that will reduce conflict between people and elephants. The project is meant to create awareness and mitigating strategies about human elephant conflicts among farmers neighbouring Queen elizabeth national park in Kasese distrct westen uganda, by engaing farmers in the growing of red pepper live hedges around their gardens and the production of Chile briqqut charcoal mixed with oil.  This strategy will deter elephants from crossing into farmers gardens to distroy crops which prompts the farmers to step poaching against the elephnats for ivory and meat  for food.  The farmers think that if they continue killing the  elephants their numbers will reduce and hence the damage to thier crops.


The farmers will get  income from the sell of red pepper while mitigatating HEC between people and elephnats, in the end farmers crops will no longer be distroyed by elephants and elephants will no longer be killed by farmers, they will both live in harmony.

The conflict between Farmers and Elephnats  in this particular area has reached heighteed levels  reducung local tolarence for elephnats because  they  threaten local livlihoods. As habitants contract and  human population grow, people and elephnats are increasingly coming into contact with each other.

This projects aims at devising a simple strategy Red pepper growing  and  Chill  briqquet  making that will solve the Elephant Hunman Conflict that has seen 100 of elephnats being killed by farmers and 100s of farmers being killed by elephnats in an attempt to chase the wild animals from  thier crops.  Farmers will be trained how to grow and care for the tender red pepper seedlings, how to harvest red pepper and the step by step practical seassions of how to make  Chile briqquet charcoal mixed with  used engine oil.  Live red peper hedges will be grown around the garden especially where the animals cross into farmers gardens  and the  Chile briqquet  can burnt  to  produce an iritating smoke that turns away the elephants. This way the elephants will not distroy farmers crop and  the farmers will not kill the elephants in retaliation.

The elephants provokes farmers by distroyiing thier crops  and with no compasation from Government and killing  farmers as they attempt to chase the wild animals from thier crops  and in response the farmers sneak into  Queen Elizabeth National park and kill the elephants for meat and also sell the ivory for cash as they now have no food to eat and any cash crop to sell for cash as a result of the distruction made by  the elephants. The game rangers also rise up thier guns and shoot on spot the farmers that are found in the park with elephant meat or ivory.

With the versed experince that i have and my team  in carrying out similar projects  aiming at  solving similar problems like  Human Elephnat Conflict, with proven success  in Uganda and out side Uganda, this project is also to bound to succeed  given the availabilty of raw materials that will be used to make chille briqquet cahrcoals, good climatic conditions that will favour the growth of live  red pepper hedges around  farmers garden.  Also the success of this project will also depend on the economica values the project will give its benefiaciares. The red pepper will be harvested and sold to offer extra income to the farmers, this is a sustainabilty strateegy as more farmers will also adopt the growing of the red pepper to protect their crops from elephant damage and also get some extra cash from the sell of red pepper.




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