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Let's help get an orphaned family live a happy life.

Karachi, Pakistan
karachi, Pakistan


Help me through this journey of supporting a orphaned family that is need of your help! Hi, I Syed Ali, Hope through the generosity of the public, to help a mother whose loving husband and father of two young children has passed away. With no means of income into the family, the family need your help to ensure adequate food, required medicines and educational needs for the two beautiful children are met.



Your donation helps save the lives of three people. If we are able to achieve our goal, we will be able to get a food,Medicine,House Rent, Electricity bills and a happy life for two young orphaned Boy & girl in Karachi, Pakistan and their widowed mother. You will have saved the lives of this family and give them a better life to live while the problems they are facing already


What We Need:

Our goal is to raise $5,000 for the family to life a happy life Karachi Pakistan . And we hope that we reach 5,000$


We will keep campaigning until we reach our goal for mother Zainab and kids


Other Ways You Can Help:

If you cannot make a contribution please help us get the word out!

Share the link to this campaign on your social media pages

Tell your friends and family members


The Original photo of the family have been changed to protect the identity of the family.

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