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Sahara Public Rights Welfare Organization, established in 1988, has been striving to serve the sick, the old, the disabled peoples.

Karachi, Pakistan
karachi, Pakistan


Sahara Public Rights Welfare Organization, established in 1988, has been striving to serve the sick, the old, the disabled and also children. Starting from scratch, it has grown in a sizeable organization providing welfare services to a considerable number of persons. Its most remarkable project is a care centre for the old, mentally challenged and handicapped persons situated in Block 9, Clifton (near Punjab Chowrangi). In addition to this, it is managing two Shelter homes in Ibrahim Hyderi and Korangi Creek areas.



Registration Number: DSW92217 K

Founded: 1988

Founder President: Mr. Akbar Ali Rana

Category: Non Government Organization

Tax Exemption:  granted under letter No. CIR/Legal Division/RTO/KYC/2010/356 dated 09/08/2010 from Deputy Commissioner I. R.(H. Q.), Karachi

Auditors: Maqsood & Co., Chartered Accountants, Karachi

Our Vision Statement

Perpetual Quality Service to Humanity with Complete Sincerity.

Advisory Council                             

Mr. M H Asif                Ex Member (Finance) O.G.R.A

Mr. Salim Memon         (Businessman)

Mrs.Amina Ibrahim       (Social Activist).

Mrs.Aaliya Chotani       (SZABIST Examination Controller).

Mr. Salman Younas      (Businessman).

Mrs.Saeeda Ahsan       (W/o Ex-Vice President NBP).

Mrs.Farhat Jahfrani      (Businesswoman).

Mirza Waseem Baig     (Chicago U.S.A.)

Syed Khalid Shah        (Contractors)

Syed Shaukat Ali         (Ex Banker)


Our services currently include:
Physical care and counseling of the mentally challenged persons as residents and day visitors. Vocational training and guidance service for the handicapped with a view to facilitate their absorption in commercial/industrial/government organizations, arranging their placement in jobs as per the Disabled Persons Employment and Rehabilitation of Offenders Ordinance 1986. Counseling and training of volunteers and parents/guardians of the old and the handicapped.
Awareness initiatives about problems, available solutions to enable dignified living and rehabilitation of special persons in the society through lectures and published material.

  • Day care services in all the center’s.
  • Scholarship for needy children’s education.
  • Ambulance service for the patients.


Details of Present Set Up

Existing Care Centres

In the existing three care centres (as given below) for the old, the mentally challenged and special persons, home-like care is provided. For various reasons, these persons are not in a position to receive the required support. We provide the same including food, clothes, other personal needs, day to day medication as per their doctor’s prescription and move to an appropriate doctor/hospital in emergency. Day care services are also provided. The locations of these centres are:

    Block 9, Clifton.
    Ibrahim Hyderi.
    Korangi Creek.


In our care centres, in the first 10 months of the year 2014-2015, 82 persons have been admitted and 20 have been discharged (including expired). On 1st May, 2015, there were 148 Persons in our three care centres.

Average Servicing

Average number of persons serviced in our care centres is 180.

Financial dependence of persons serviced:

10 % are not dependent

30 % are partially dependent

60 % are wholly dependent

Average cost per person  :

Average cost per person ranges between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 12,000, depending on physical condition and special individual needs.

Ambulance service:    

Sahara Public Rights Welfare Organization is providing 24 hours service to patients for shifting from/to home/hospital including emergencies and inter-city travel.

a) Number of ambulances:

Currently we have 13 operational ambulances.

b) Operational Area:

Our ambulance service operates in Karachi and interior Sindh areas.

c) Average number of services provided to patients per-month:

On average, we service 450 persons per month.

3. Free Education/Scholarship:      

To help educational needs of the children in different localities of Karachi, whose parents/guardians have acute financial constraints, we are meeting necessary expenses like fees, books, note books and other material.

a) Number of Children :

25 children.

b) Average expenses per year per child:

12,000 per student.

c) Total Expenses per year :

3 lac per year.

Under Construction Projects:

a)  Sahara village shelter home for the Mentally challenged ( near PAF Base), Korangi Creek:

    Land size: 1,000 square yards.
    Estimated construction cost: 30 Million.
    50 Rooms and two halls, to be built on ground plus one floor
    Industrial home, dispensary, prayer area and staff quarters to be constructed.
    200 beds.



To expand the services of Sahara Public Rights Welfare Organization all over Karachi.
To establish a centre for the drug addicts at Jumma Goth, Bin Qasim Town.

Financial Summary for the year 2015-2016:

a)  Average receipts per year:

Total receipts in the year 2013 were Rs. 5.2 million. In 2014, these went up to 7.0 million. The breakdown of this amount is as follows:

Donations/zakat/Qurbani hides:      50 % approx
Contribution of guardians               35 %.....do….
Ambulances                                  15 %.....do….

b)   Expenditure:

All expenses are met from the receipts, which determine our capacity to provide services.

c) From the level of enquiries received by us, it is apparent that the need for the services is continuously expanding. We are making only a small contribution.

d) We need to increase our receipts in a big way to use the existing facilities more intensely and to construct at least a part of the building at our Korangi Creek site during 2015-16. .

a) Our budgeted target for 2015-16 is 12.5 million. Thus we are aiming at an increase of 5.5 million.


We appeal to the philanthropists like you to kindly help us in the noble mission through generous contribution of zakat and donation in cash or in kind in the shape of medicines, ration and ambulances or in any other form, as Sadaqa e Jaria. You may also consider sponsoring a deserving person @ Rs 10,000 p.m. (1.2 lac per annum).

Jazak Allah Khair

Akbar Ali Rana






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