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Armaan Khan-A sister's wedding


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Goal:PKR 20,000

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Islamabad, Pakistan
Islamabad, Pakistan

Every brother has a dream to arrange a best wedding for her sister so do I. But I am not here for stories. I will Just say I need your help as a brother or sister as my father and my family is going through a financial crisis and you know how hard it is in Pakistani society to arrange a wedding. I am not begging I just need loan with a real trail of money. I need just 200 people to contribute 1000 rs each so there will be no burden on one or two person to bear all amount. I promise I will return all the money as soon as possible. I will not accept any money without its trail so I can return. is my email if you want to help than please email me your number or bank account so I can save it and return when I will be available. No emotional dialogues no stories. Thanku

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