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5-6 women die every hour during child birth due to preventable causes - Do You Care?

Lahore, Pakistan
Karachi, Pakistan


Post by Medicare Health Foundation


276 per 100,000 women in Pakistan die during child birth...48% women do not even have a skilled attendant at birth- Unicef, 2013



1 in 77 babies born in Pakistan dies within 24 hours- Save the Children, 2013


If our mothers died at birth, what would our lives have been! Yet imagine how many mothers we lose everyday in Pakistan due to unsafe birth practices. As if that is not enough, the newborn child is not even given the opportunity to live!

We need the support of the international community to help mothers and babies survive and live a healthy life.

Medicare Health Foundation, at its medical facilities in impoverished communities in Pakistan, ensures antenatal care and safe deliveries by certified gynaecologists and highly skilled support staff. Details on us can be found on:


We earnestly appeal to you to help us in our cause, and donate to us so we can sustainably carry on with this noble cause!

For more information on us, please visit us using the links on the right.


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