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Bishop Naimat John-Save Innocent Lives


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I, Abdul Kaleem, had been an active participant in helping relinquish the people of Thar with the ongoing acute issue of hunger&inadequacy of food supplies and other various items



I, Abdul Kaleem, had been an active participant in helping relinquish the people of  Thar with the ongoing acute issue of hunger & inadequacy of food supplies andother various indispensable items. 

I along with my friends initiated a project for the people of Thar last year and we are continuing it for the second time around as we return with the same project for the drought and famine stricken region that has been taking its toll on the inhabitants at drastic levels. To help the people of Thar, we are collecting donations to purchase relief items for the affected, which would be personally distributed by us in the last week of February. The relief items will include a complete ration package along with quilts for the prevailing harsh winter weather.


The amount of one ration package serving one whole family cost Rs.1230 only so you can either offer your donations by paying for one complete ration package or you can pledge to donate any amount that is feasible for you. In any case, we urge you to step in and give as much as you can in cash and kind.We know it’s difficult for one or group of individuals to resolve but if we stay united and pull a joint effort we may be able to minimize some proportion of overall damage. Situation in Thar is pathetic. They are dying of hunger and health issues so rise before it’s too late.



We spent a lot of money in our daily routines. Just for one day think what as an individual you can do. Think before lighting up a cigarette that the same money can fill someone''s stomach. Think before going out on fancy dinners that the amount you are spending there can easily accommodate one whole family. Think before going on a shopping that the same amount can accommodate one family for one whole month so think and act rationally. We ask you all to stand up for this cause and contribute in saving innocent lives.

Thar cries out for help and in this pressing hour it becomes a moral responsibility bestowed on each of us to play active parts in order to combat the severe plight of starvation that is enveloping Thar every single hour of the day. Let’s be socially responsible and help our brothers & sisters who wait anxiously in the barren lands of Thar for immediate assistance. There is no time for delay. Let’s make this project a collective effort by giving what little we may have because if we save just one, we might save all.

Let’s do this together!



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