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Help keep the children off the street

Karachi, Pakistan
Karachi, Pakistan

We are now developing a Library for adding value to our program. The aim is to keep the children off the streets and create a haven for them within an educational institute.This library will accommodate 500 students and their families.


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During June of 2014, “Kiran Foundation” partnered with “Akhuwat” to establish the Kiran School System at DCTO Campus in Lyari (12 government schools amalgamated campus). Our first step was to work closely with the teachers and understand how they conducted and managed their time at the school. However by August, it was clear that the teachers were incompetent and corrupted, and that a whole new staff would be required to move forward.

The school was in appalling condition, where basic facilities like water and toilets were unavailable. We began extensive renovation of the campus, with a whole new goal/picture in mind. This reconstruction was funded entirely by “Kiran Foundation’ and “Akhuwat”.

This project was conducted in an organized fashion where we had 2 teams working on the premises. The first team was the one that overlooked all physically intensive work on the campus itself (work on site). Analyzing previous failures, we assembled a second team that provided emotional therapy for the children, along with training teachers and formulating a new and efficient curriculum.

During the year our main goal was to recover the school and students to a universally accepted standard. At the start of it we had 300 registered students out of which 50-60 students actually attended school. The first step was to enforce that all registered students attended school. There were no records of the primary section, and the process of reaching out to these students was highly inefficient and tedious as it had to be done through the community. We began documenting every child as we went along. As compared to the Primary Section, the Senior Section was more organized as the basic documents of the children were available (for e.g. birth certificate etc.).

In a time span of 4 months we managed to bring back a decent number of students with 280 students attending the school. The children were highly demotivated to learn and study, which was entirely the fault of the management before us. The children feared coming to school and learning had become a form of punishment for them. It was an immense challenge to build this trust between teachers and students, and to make these students eager learners. The carelessness of the previous faculty did not only affect their academic standing, but additionally the students were deprived of basic development. For example a 16 year old student was not capable of writing his own name. However knowing the mental state of the children, we were positive that if a rigid, academically oriented curriculum was introduced, we would only be successful in pushing the children away from us and the school. This is when we agreed on the primary goal of the year which we called “Heal The Child”.

This aim was to be achieved through love, compassion and understanding. We grew close to the students, and they slowly opened up emotionally, sharing their pains and worries. We wished for them to start dreaming of a better future, and look forward to an improved life. We provided education to the children through fun and interactive activities. Various field trips were arranged to provide exposure and a chance to meet and converse with many visionaries. Six months into our new and improved approach, the students began to relish their time in school. The hours of school were extended into late evenings as to cover up for their inefficiency in previous years. The results of this approach were incredibly successful, and the students began to voluntarily stay for lengthy hours as to accommodate for their lack of basic learning.

Send us a message if you have a question, you can also read more about us on our website facebook page (links on the right).

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