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April (Parkinson Awareness Week).I was just age of 15 when i fell in this (Parkinson disease). I want to get rid of this disease.

Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Rawalpindi, Pakistan

I was just age of 15 when I fell in this (Parkinson disease). I want to get rid of this disease.When early in the morning I wake up I am feeling severe muscular pain which is un-bearable for me. I feel stiffness in whole body, even I cannot walk, till I take tablets, (Sinemet, kaemadrin, PK-Merz, Jumex, Dulon)

I know some personalities who can help me to get rid of this untolerable disease. Doctor Paresh K. Doshi (Neuro Physician) in India. Haroon Bashir Chairman Pakistan Parkinson Society. I met these pesonalities in online seminar that was held in Al-Shifa International Hospital Islamabad, Where Doctor Paresh K was consulting patients of Parkinson through online conference from india. I was the only one in participants who was young age patient. I am so confused about my health

So, people who have any awareness kindly help me. In Pakistan there is no technical facility to handle this disease, In America and India i see and observe possibilities of treatment .


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