Hassan Malik-Buying a Car to Drive on Uber, Careem, Limofied


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A 22 years old girl - daughter of a deceased father and a house- wife mother, younger sister of a blind M.Phil student/BS-16 Teacher.


She is looking forward to earn her living by buying a car, hire a driver and become a partner of Uber, Careem and/or Limofied and support her family consisting of a mother and a blind sister who is a student of M.Phil in Special Eductation at UMT (University of Management and Technology) and a BS-16 Teacher at a special education school. However, her salary does not let them earn their living at full, as her sister has to pay University fee, House Rent, Elec./Gas/Water bills and grocery.

They are currently living with their eldest sister who are supporting them somewhat. However, they want to become independent now and want to earn their living at their own. 

Earning money out of this business (Careem, Uber and etc.) is the most profitable one nowadays, and I can help them arranging a driver if they can get a car. 

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