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Malnutrition of women and children, focusing on IYCF practices and maternal nutrition


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Name of Writer/: Md. Ibrahim Khalil, Father’s Name: Abdur Rahman Biswas, Podpapukur, Mirjapur, Jhikargacha, Jessore-7420


District/ জেলা:Jessore


Activity Proposal/ কার্যক্রমেরপ্রস্তাব: Malnutrition of women and children, focusing on IYCF practices and maternal nutrition


Name of activity/ কার্যক্রমেরনাম:

  • Community Mapping
  • District level workshop
  • Community meeting
  • Community Session
  • Observation of Breast Feeding Week (BFW)/Days observation
  • Folk song/pot song (song with picture), street drama
  • One to One contact
  • Distribution of Ready to Use Supplementary Food (RUSF)
  • Demonstrate Positive Deviance Hearth (PD-hearth) session
  • Media coverage
  • Print poster, leaflet



Activity Description/ বর্ণনা:


Community Mapping : He will conduct community mapping in different locations, following Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA). He has vast experienced in conducting community mapping. The community mapping will be done in ensuring participation of local leaders, representative of local government, community members, vulnerable groups, representative of department of GOBs, NGOs etc.


District level workshop :

He will conduct District level workshop with the involvement of local members of parliament, Union level officials, local government officials and other local influential stakeholders. Total 40 participants will be invited in this workshop. Before the workshop a ToR will be prepared. The outputs of this workshop will be documented and disseminated.


Community level Activity: Following activities will be carried out


  • Community meeting: He will organize meeting with the community at village level with the presence of community leaders, representative of local government, political leaders and community members. This meeting will be in the union parishad office. This meeting will share and find barriers of mal nutrition, way forward or future course of action, selection criteria for the groups who suffer from the malnutrition in the community.


  • Community Session with the poor and vulnerable groups: He will organize community session with the group who faced from the acute malnutrition. Education session will be conducted at different villages. In the session will share Infant Young and Child Feeding protocol (IYCF) as per IYCF training guide. To conduct the community session He will recruit Community Nutrition promoter (CNP) who will be trained TOT on IYCF protocol.


  • Observation of Breast Feeding Week (BFW)/Days observation: To increase awareness among the mass community, He will organize Breast Feeding Week (BFW) in August, Objective of the breast feeding week to strengthen breast feeding practice among the communities. In observance BFW, rally, discussion, video show, practical demonstration on breast feeding will be done.


  • Folk song/pot song (song with picture), street drama : He has vast experience to conduct folk song, street dram as vital method of creating mass awareness among the communities. Total 24 street drama will be conducted in the different places, in this regards He will form a team and will develop a script on pot song/street drama. The pot song/street drama will disseminate different massages on the nutritional status, consequences, impact, future course of action.


  • One to One contact: There are some groups who need special counseling to promote their nutritional status, the CNP will visit house of those group and will provide special counseling and follow up service to them.
  • Distribution of Ready to Use Supplementary Food (RUSF):This project will distribute RUSF to supplement with food staple.  


  • Demonstrate Positive Deviance Hearth (PD-hearth) in the community level: PD-hearth is a most innovative idea to build the capacity of community and changing behavior of the community.  


  • Media coverage: Media coverage has potential to increase community awareness, He will publish an article in the local electronic media/local news paper.


  • Print poster, leaflet : He will print poster and leaflet, the poster and leaflet will be distributed among the communities.


Outcomes/ প্রত্যাশিতফলাফল: Expected results/outcomes

  • The community map reports the nutritional status among communities
  • The District level workshop reports the nutritional status, situation, services, future course of action, coordination etc.
  • Increased community awareness on nutritional requirement particularly of infant and young children
  • Changed community behaviors towards better care seeking
  • Knowledge level enhanced towards better better management of nutrition
  • Positive Deviance hearth contributes to change behavior.
  • Improved nutritional status among the malnourished groups/vulnerable groups.


  1. Approximate number of beneficiaries/ সচেতন মানুষের সংখ্যা: 3000
  2. Approximate budget/ বাজেট: Budget


Budget items


District Level Workshop


Community mapping


Community activities


Management/others cost








Md Ibrahim KHalil.


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