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Ittehad Foundation-Light up a Sight- Light up a Life


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World is beautiful but what about those who can't see it? Let us be the eyes of them and light up their lives with little contributions. Your donations- wonders in lives


"Two million people are completely blind in Pakistan. Around 6 million people are partially blind. About 17 % population of the country is suffering from diabetes which is major casue of blindness in Pakistan" says The News Tribe 2013. 

Many people have resources and knowledge and they can easily recover eye damage through operation. But what of those who have never thought of being operated upon? They don''''t have knowlege or resources.

The children suffering from loss of sight since their birth usually have cataract, which is completely curable if the sufferer is not upto five years old, but parents show negligence, and often they don''''t know the sensitivity of the matter, that make thier children blind forever. Around 66% of blind children have cataract that needs consultation with qualified eye specialist, who can get back their vision.

So, along with financially supporting a blind to get his/her vision back, awareness raising is the next best strategy to eliminate the chance of blindness forever. 

We need to raise maximum awareness through seminars, community meetings, social gatherings, and public meetings. We need to support those needy, poor  lives to enable them to see the beauty of the world around them again.


Ittehad Foundation is supporting many vanishing sights through medical facilities, awareness, and advocay. We have qualified eye specialists who give their precious time at evey Saturday and Sunday. We preferably choose the most deserving beneficiaries for support. You can find more details on:



We are getting the light back to lives- Will care to make a difference? Please donate us to make this journey of light going on.


Currently we are aimed at saving

20 sights (we have already 30 verfied pending applications) with a donation of

3000$ (150$ each). The expenditure include medical treatment, bed charges, pre and post operation care etc.


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