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My name is Kishan and I desperately need help to buy a small apt for my family (wife and 4 children), We are poor and the building where i currently live, is about to collapse.


My name is Kishan Rana, and I am a resident of Karachi, Pakistan. I am the only bread earner of my family. I have a wife and four children all under the age of 13.

I have been living in Karachi since the very beginning and for almost 26 years I have been serving a family happily as a dedicated servant, even though my pay is not too much but enough to get along with a daily living.

MY Appeal:

My appeal is for any one globally who can help me raise funds so I can buy a small apartment that can be a safe place for my family.

For the past 5 years I have been renting a small apartment for me and my family. In 2011 we had an earth quake and because the building structure was so weak the walls started to crack over the years we had no choice but to ignore it as I could not afford to move out. Most recently the building has seriously started to crumble and is now learning over at a 30 degree angle. All the other tenantshave left but I cannot afford to go anywhere as the rent are too high.

Every day I face the fear of my family getting hurt or getting buried under the rubble if the building was to collapse. I need to leave and move them to saferground but I cannot afford it and this is where I ask for your help, any little bit will help. I need a total of $ 15,000 to able to buy a small apartment for my family where I know they will be safe and I don’t have to keep moving them constantly.

Please help me achieve this goal by donating to my cause. You can watch the attached video to see the condition we are living in I pray for safety for my innocent 4 children and I ask for you to help me keep them safe. 

That building as you can see in the pictures and video that I have posted is not very safe to live in anymore. The foundation of this building is such that it can fall or collapse any time and that also without warning. Its like a time bomb, however, where can i go with my family?

 In recent years we had witnessed earthquake jerks, and with every passing time the building is getting ever so more dangerous to live in, not only this but a slightest construction in near about area shakes the entire building.

Currently I have no such saving, I am neither in a position to ask for loan, what I earn from where I work is enough to help me through a daily living for my family. Please do keep in mind I am not an educated person, and my kids are still too young to get a proper job, hence I require help from people who can understand my situation.

In such circumstances safety for my family has forced me to call out loud for help, and this is how I was asked to put up my cause on fundstak, so that people can help support me raise funds, which can give me an opportunity to provide a safe shelter for my family.

No amount is too small.

God bless you and thank you for reading my story.

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