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Vision Trust is a non-profit organization, running on donations to provide affordable and quality eye care, to visually impaired.


Our Assessments: The fact that tremendous scientific developments have taken place in medical and surgical sciences, can hardly be over-stated. Equally true is the fact that in spite of these developments, common citizens in Pakistan, as perhaps in any developing country, are largely denied access to decent eye care, primarily due to financial deprivation.

The conditions for the urban middle class are even worse. With no savings at hand, lacking employer support and health insurance, they cannot afford proper health care facilities, and ironically do not wish to avail the facilities for the very poor which carry a certain social stigma as well; caught between disease and destitution, they do not know where to go. Vision Trust aims to fill this gap. 

Government burdened with defence and debt servicing expenditures is left with little will or resource to adequately address the social welfare issues.

Almost all the local and international NGO''''s are focussed on providing for the impoverished, living below poverty line, who, therefore manage to get some relief somehow and somewhere.

The trustees of Vision Trust desire to help bridge this gap, on the basis of self help, with a primary focus on providing quality eye care to the middle class.

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