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Muhammad Tayyab-Help Tayyab to Get MCAT Books for Himself and the Boys Like Him


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Let the talent be free of money deterrence. Help me buy costly books and you may help a 100 more who will use them.


A medical school is a dream of everyone who passes 12th in Pakistan. The medical schools in Pakistan usually require a screening entrance test, usually referred to as MCAT, Medical Colleges Aptitude Test. The test requires hard and a varsatile study which requires a lot of money, because the colleges here do not teach the concepts which MCAT requires, to take admission to preparatory instituions. The fees of these may range upto PKR 40000 or $390-400 approx. Moreover, if an average middle class boy who is unable to pay the fees decides to prepare at home, he will have to buy the preparatory books which are also much costly e.g, the notes, a well known notes series, costs about 10000PKR or USD100. The same goes with the other authors. I belong to a class where spending 10000 pkr or USD 100 on buying books may disturb the whole monthly budget. I can understand the difficulties of some of my fellows also who cannot even afford a little bit of it. This project is maily about me and them. I want to buy the books, a set some important books for me and other fellows, as well as pay the BISE exam registration fees. The books will be used by the others also after making photocopies. If you think money should not deter any student from trying to achieve something great, please allow us a chance to do by doing you worthy contribution. Remember that your smaller contribution means to us a lot. We have all dreams, make them fulfil please

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