Paigham Welfare Association-Free School for Children in rural area


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PWA is be starting a project in Surjani Town Karachi which specially needs free school for poor families in the vicinity.


Name ofProject

Surjani Town Khuda Ki Basti 52 

Code ofProject



Estimation of the project in Pak.Rupees

10,00,000  with running expenses for 6months


To provide FreeEducation

Details of theProject


Number of NGOs in Pakistan are performing their services to promote free education in different areas, cities of Pakistan but still there are billion of children who are still not been educated with basic education system, we have planned to spread free education to all over Pakistan and planned to start our first project of teaching deserving children from Karachi city because numbersofchildrenarebeingspoiledjustbecause of no resources ofeducation.

 PaighamWelfareAssociationalwaysthoughtfirsttolaunchimmediate actionforprovidingbestsource&lifesurvivalseitherinshapeofmedicalcamps,bloodbank,ambulanceservices,freeeducationplans,freemarriagesfordeservingpeoplewithinKarachi&Pakistan,in current Scenario also Paigham Welfare Association has framed an ideato establish one Free Medical Clinic and one Free Education Centre, onnext& final visit a specific location / building will be finalized tostart the mission immediately, because Paigham Welfare always believeonefforts forhumanity.

 In this regard, we have designed and projected the feasibility for free education school by Paigham Welfare, the same is attached herewith.


Our first priority will be to start school at Surjani Town Karachi which specially needs free school for poor families in the vicinity, their parents are mostly daily wages workers and could not afford education on fee for their children, we would like to make their children future bright.

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