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Umerkot, Pakistan
Umerkot, Pakistan

28 years back on August 12, 1988 young students of city Umerkot who were book lovers and dreamt for a positive change in society in general and in youth in particular. They established a small library in guest room of a friend who not only donated literary books but almira and other furniture too. Other pioneer friends also donated books and other resource material and provided a platform to youth and students to play their role in making society more positive and prosperous. Later another pioneer member provided space in city area and journey continued on self-help basis for 12 years till 2000. During this period thousands of students provided orientations on admissions in different fields and universities. On 29 March 1989 organization in name of "Sami Samaj Sujag Sangat" was established and that converted in Sami Foundation in 2009 and work of organization spread from city Umerkot to three districts of Sindh Province. With the growth of organization library was also upgraded and converted in SAMI RESOURCE CENTRE (SRC) with more books and resource material as well as other facilities for students. 

Currently 50-60 students visit SRC daily and study here from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm due to limited seating capacity in SRC. The computer section of SRC has capacity to accommodate 15-20 students to access e-learning material through using internet facility. Sami Foundation has a vision for SRC since its establishment as a small library. Increasing trend of higher education and competition for admissions as well as scholarships and getting jobs for better career, students and youth visiting resource centre are demanding more facilitation and material for their academic as we as personal and career development.

Sami Foundation also has a vision for SRC that requires following facilities in SRC to materialize the vision and dream of SRC:

1)    Study/Reading Hall that can accommodate at least 200 students / youth at a time to study in a comfortable environment

2)    Computer Section with laptops and internet facility where at least 50-60 students / youth can access material for study and research through internet usage.

3)    A Conference Room having video-conferencing facility that can serve for conference, webinar, online lectures and career counselling sessions for at least 80-100 students / youth

4)    An Auditorium Hall having seating capacity of 300-350 fixed chairs with extension of 50-100 extra chairs if needed. This will provide platform to students / youth to organize cultural events, educational events for fellow students, organize debate competitions on various social issues, perform and organize theatre and drama etc.

5)    Reference material in hard and soft for study as well as for research purpose

Sami Foundation has dedicated a plot of 10,000 Sq. Fts. worth Rupees 10 million as organizational contribution and constructed boundary wall on the plot. For further construction and Up-Scaling, Strengthening and development of SRC as planned above to help and support hundreds of students / youth for developing their career and play their role in development of society an amount of Rs. 10 million is required.

Contribution of each and every one will be appreciated and recognized for this noble cause of developing future generations. Let us join hands in this cause and make society peaceful and prosperous.

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