Shailendra Kumar-Empower 1000 Youths Through Computer Skills Training


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Needy and Poor youths are unemployed due to Computer Education.



SUGAM JAGRITI is continuously working with unemployed youth particularly with dalit girls & Needy Youths who are literate with skill of reading and writing Hindi and English. Organization is imparting them employment based computer education training. Further they are being assisted in getting association with different govt. and non govt. agencies for employment . The organization has trained More than 1000 Needy poor girls & Youths in computer education and placed them for employment.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

The unemployment is very high in Bihar with unequal land holding patterns. Dalit & Backward caste have very less or negligible land holding . Needy and Poor girls getting education but unemployed rural youth and women in Bihar (India) are unable to secure jobs for economical or traditional reasons and the absence of employable skills.This has led to widespread social evils such as child marriage, Drugs, Crime etc. as the hunger for opportunity is vast while needs and dreams are unmet.

How will this project solve this problem?

The project provide computer skill , talent on spoken English and job readiness to the girls & needy Youths with reading and writing ability. Along with computer training they are being imparted skill on spoken English . The organization has established coordination and linkage with different agencies where the trained one are placed or they are being self employed due to own skill .

Potential Long Term Impact

The trained girls & Youths status improved after getting employment and support family in income generation . It also help the girls to delay their marriage and further educated. Enhance Self confidence in Rural Girls & Youths.

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