Sheikh Anas Amir-Book: Surpassing Limits -A Pakistani Girl's Journey on a wheelchair


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Support Publication of a book based on a Pakistani Disabled girl who also happens to be a Global Public Speaker.


I am Tanzila Khan from Lahore, Pakistan. I was born with a deformity in my both legs and since then I am a wheelchair user. Though I am now working as an International Public Speaker, Trainer and Consultant but life hasn’t been always this high. And for this reason, my mission is to inspire the world towards a healthy, happy and productive life.

I have already published two books and the first one, ‘A Story of Mexico’ was actually written when I was 16. Later I sold the book to raise funds for the earthquake victims. My second book, The Perfect Situation was published in 2013.

The best thing about my life is that I get to set examples. This time I want to set an example of self-publishing and inspire more writers to publish their work and learn from the process. So many young authors write but don’t publish in fear of rejection and lengthy processes.

For this mission, what better to write about than my own life story, experiences and challenges. My aim is to inspire people to take action. I want people to read my book and feel motivated towards their goals despite hurdles. I want to self-publish it to set an example for other writers to write their own books. I also want to share experience of self-publishing through my talks and trainings.

As a small gesture of thanks, I would email a pdf version of my book as soon as it’s published to contributors whose support is minimum $10

With your help, I can gracefully publish and launch my book I have been meaning to write all my life. ‘Surpassing Limits – A Pakistani Girl’s Journey on a wheelchair’

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