Waqar Munawar-Digitize Urdu to promote our national language


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Next time when someone ask you what you have done for this country. So we will be replying, I have contributed to save our national language


While drafting this post I am deeply and thoroughly embarrassed that i couldn''t manage to write this in URDU language and it is a language this fund is all about.

Nationalism is a very good thing for many purposes and we Pakistani are nationalists and we do our best to save our national interests like we are doing by saving our national language, it is not about saving language. It is about making our national language more digital as other national languages are because we don’t take risk to carry hard copy of dictionary. As we use to do in our childhood by carrying pocket dictionary, So what we are missing?

Urdu to Urdu searchable dictionary, yes it is what we are missing, For that cause WinkTechs has took the initiative to make This Urdu to Urdu dictionary , precisely it will be Farhang e Asfia by Molvi Syed Ahmed Dahlvi in your Mobiles and also on web. With complete Meaning and translation in 5-10 top languages.

I know we don''t use Urdu these days and we are not planning to do so, isn''t it, but that doesn''t mean we have nothing to do with Urdu, we do actually. I am not anti-English or any other language if I sounded like that, because world is a global village now one might have to speak more than one language, but I am Pro Urdu.  Because saving national language is good thing to do next time when someone ask you what you have done for this country. So, we will be replying, I have contributed to save our national language.

About Project:
This project is consisting of 3 phases after funds collection.

1. Collecting all language data and its translations in English, French, German, Chinese, Russian and more. This task will take most time 180 days.
2.  Making Android, Apple and Windows app that will be Free of cost obviously. It will take 90 days. 
3.  Website with same features and final testing of products that will also take 90 days.

Total of 365 days are required to make it available for all. Company (WinkTechs: www.winktechs.com) which is Up to this task have already donated $5000 (They will be doing this project on cost bases) for this task.

I would be grateful if you donate for this national cause or at-least Share this post with your Family and Friends. 
Thank you for reading the post. 

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