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Cholistan is big desert with lots barren land. With your help we have already started to make it GREEN. Its by the people and for the people. Already given business to 200+ ppl.


Basic idea is to implement ideas like drip irrigation, goats farming. These projects will be for local poor population. Although it is a work of Goverment, but in third world countries Goverments just works for them selves. There is a huge number of poor starving people living in these deserts. If we can help them they can do better for themselves and for the whole world. And think of all the barren land we can make fertile.

We already are seeing so many deaths in Thar Desert in Sindh, Pakistan. And govt is doing nothing. You have been paying taxes but they aren''t reaching them. Best way to help these people is not by providing them with food but by providing them with opportunities to earn themselves.

This is our mission. Your donation can be as small as $10 but when we join hands it can make a HUGE difference.

Together lets make this world Happier and Greener.

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