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fundstak makes it incredibly easy to raise money online for the things that matter to you most. In less than a minute, you’ll be able to personalize your fundraising campaign and share it with the people in your life.

With fundstak, the money you collect goes directly to you. There are no deadlines or limits – each contribution you receive is yours to keep. Raising money for yourself or a loved one has never been easier. Plus, we’re here to help.

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Your fundstak campaign features the very best in secure payment encryption technology. Not only are your backers’ online payments safe, your money is stored securely until you’re ready to request a withdrawal via electronic bank transfer. This does not apply for WePay and Stripe, you get your contributions instantly to your WePay and Stripe Account.
This is a common misconception. fundstak provides the platform for project creators enabling them to raise money online. It is the creator’s responsibility to bring backers to their fundraising page. fundstak does provide extensive tools to promote a project and has a lot of resources, tips, guides and even experts who help out.

Projects can get featured in the media or be promoted further by fans or people who feel strongly about the project.

fundstak also gets considerable traffic on its website and projects can get discovered through its filtered pages depending on the visitor’s interest or location.
  • If you are an Individual
    • You are 18 years or older
    • You have a bank account in your name
    • You have at least 1 government issued ID (Driver’s License, Identification Card, or Passport)
  • If you are raising for or on behalf of a business organization / company
    • You meet the requirements for an individual creator
    • Your organizations government registration certificate
    • Your organizations tax certificate (If Applicable)
    • Your organization's official bank account details
Most people use fundstak to raise money for themselves, a friend or loved one during life’s important moments. This includes things like medical expenses, education costs, volunteer programs, youth sports, funerals & memorials – even animals & pets.

That said, we’re always amazed at all the unique ways people use fundstak to raise money online. The possibilities are endless! Check out some recent success stories.
Once your fundstak campaign begins receiving contributions, you can easily request a withdrawal at any time by pressing the Redeem button. Don’t worry, withdrawing money does not affect the progress meter that’s displayed on your fundstak campaign. Simply click the ‘Redeem’ button inside your fundstak account and follow the on-screen instructions. You can withdraw your balance directly to your bank account. This does not apply if your payment processor is WePay or Stripe, WePay and Stripe users get their contributions instantly in their WePay and Stripe Account.
  • fundstak cannot be used to raise money for religious causes.
  • fundstak cannot be used to sell equity or solicit loans. For this we have an equity and debt sections on our website which function very differently from the Social aspect.
  • fundstak Projects cannot resell items or offer rewards not produced by the project or its creator.
  • fundstak Creators cannot promise to donate a portion of funds raised or future revenue to a cause.
  • fundstak cannot be used to fund websites or apps focused on e-commerce, business, and social networking. For all commercial projects we have an Equity and Debt section on the website.
  • fundstak cannot be used to fund software projects not run by the developers themselves.
  • fundstak cannot be used to buy real estate.
  • fundstak Projects cannot offer alcohol as a reward.
  • fundstak cannot be used for self-help material (books, videos, etc). This includes projects that offer (or produce materials that offer) business, emotional, financial, health, medical, sex/seduction, or other self-help advice.
  • fundstak cannot be used to fund offensive material (hate speech, etc.); pornographic material; or projects endorsing or opposing a political candidate.
  • fundstak cannot be used for funding projects involving tobacco, drugs, and drug paraphernalia; energy food and drinks; or nutritional supplements.
  • fundstak cannot be used to raise funds for contests, raffles, coupons, or lifetime memberships.
  • fundstak cannot be used to raise funds for firearms, weapons, knives, weapon accessories, and replicas of weapon.

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Fundstak has an extensive back end that allows you to create project free of cost. Your backers can donate to your project, create fundraisers, teams, become a promoter and further more can share your project/cause on their social media with a click of a button.

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*Payment Gateway third-party credit card fees are 3-5% + 30c.

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Designed for large non-profits, charities, foundations, trusts and anyone campaigning for social cause. Our friendly customer support agents are ready to address all of your concerns, feel free to ask anytime. Our agents are equally eager to give you tips for raising funds. Simply email us at

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