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PKR 73,910

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Goal: PKR 5,000,000

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To train and educate a Blind student is a very expensive. Cost incurred on one blind student is PKRs:14000/( US$ 135/) per month.Our monthly expenditure is PKRs:1.800 million and annually PKRs:22.00 millions.


Our request to you is to SUPPORT US FINANCIALLY so that we continuously provide the blind quality training and education to enable them to live a life of honor and dignity.

Who we are

Aziz Jehan Begum Trust for the Blind was established in 1989 as a NOT-FOR-PROFIT, PUBLIC CHARITABLE NON GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION registered with all relevant authorities and Certified by PAKISTAN CENTER FOR PHILANTHROPY to collect Zakat and Donations in any form for the welfare of the Blind.

The Trust is Non Religious, Non Commercial and Non Political Organization.


The Trust is dedicated to the noble purpose of alleviating the sufferings of the Blind by providing quality training, education enabling them to lead a life with honor and dignity with physical and financial independence.


The Trust established its Educational Institute in 1996 to train and educate the Blind.This is the only HIGH SCHOOL for the Blind in Pakistan where English and Braille are medium of instruction and subjects like General Science and Computer Science are compulsory.It has the State of the Art Equippment,well trained teachers and facilities to cater to blind students.The Institute has complted its 19 years of existence and has enabled its students to surmount the barriers imposed by their disability,and prove that the education of these children in Pakistan, though arduous, is not impossible.

The Institute enrolls 110 blind students out of these majority of the blind students come from very low income/ underpriveldged class who cannot afford to pay for the Braille books, uniforms and the pick and drop transport etc. The Trust take care of all such blind students and provide them absolutely free with their requirements from the ZAKAT, DONATIONS etc collected during the year.


Since the inception of the Institute the performance of our blind students has been very encouraging.

They always secured First Division( "A" Grade) few Second Division no Third Division or Failure in the High School Exams. Till now 70 blind students passed in their High School Exams are now studying in GCUniversity, Kinniard College University for Women and Lahore College University for Women and Fast University where they have earned Gold Medals, Roll of Honors and Scholarships in subjects like Law, Economics, Computer Science,Mass Communication and English Literature.Those who have successfully completed their BBA HONS, Masters or MPhil degrees are well placed in the jobs Like Pakistan Ministry of Foriegn Affairs, Banking,Teaching.

How you can show your support


Donating is easy, simply click on contribute and pay via the options availalbe in your location


You can create your own fundraisers by clicking on Fundraiser and campaign for us online. Let your friends and family know and ask them to either support or spread the word


You can create promoters who would spread the word






Anonymous (Shariq Mubeen : shariq.mubeen@gmail.com)
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Lahore, Pakistan
Anonymous (Shariq Mubeen : shariq.mubeen@gmail.com)
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Lahore, Pakistan
Shariq Mubeen (shariq.mubeen@gmail.com)
PKR 1  Contribution
Lahore, Pakistan
Anonymous (faryal nizami : faryalnizami@yahoo.com)
PKR 7,440.22  Contribution
Lahore, Pakistan
Anonymous (adasdasd asdasd : rajakd@gmail.com)
PKR 104.72  Contribution
Lahore, Pakistan
Anonymous (mazin sheikh : mmazins@yahoo.com)
PKR 8,031.36  Contribution
Lahore, Pakistan
Anonymous (dr faryal nizami : faryalnizami@yahoo.com)
PKR 7,451.18  Contribution
Lahore, Pakistan
Anonymous (ABDUL S SUFI : samadsufi33@yahoo.com)
PKR 50,867.5  Contribution
Lahore, Pakistan
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