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Goal USD 30,000

Buying a place for Church and repairing

USD 10

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Goal: USD 30,000

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Dear Friends,
His Grace Church is Growing Church in Community. In addition to Offering services on Sunday regular pray, Monday women pray and bible education, Tuesday evening pray, Wednesday Sunday School and bible stories, Thursday Youth meeting, Friday evening pray, Saturday board members and workers meeting.We are proud of our community outreach program for young people like Youth group.
Over the years, we've developed quite a reputation for not only being a religous haven,but also a strong community partner in times of need.
However, You may or may not be aware that the Our Church building is available but on Rent. We want to buy a place for church building.The estimated Cost of Building is $30000.
Prior fundraising has raised the sum of $2000, But need an Additional $28000 to be able to carry out the necessary work.
Our goal is to raise these funds over December 2017, want to enjoy the Christmas 2017 in the New Church Building.
In addition to soliciting cash donation, we have planned a number of other fundraising events to help us reach our financial goals. You can find out more about these pllaned activities in our church bulletin. Since we do understand that not every one will be able to help us with cash donation, we hope you will consider donating goods.
Your generous donation helps us buying for the place of church, while it preserves an important asset to our community. We need the support of our members, as well as the benevolence of community business and individuals to help us reach our goals. Is there any reason why you can't be a part of our project by making donation?
your ongoing support of the mission of His Grace Churches International is deeply appreciated.If you have questions, concern, or just want more detail about this important fundraising effort,Please contact us at
If you want to direct donate the click the link  




Pete Paras (
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Karachi, Pakistan
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