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Campus Plea for The Justuju School in Azam Basti, Karachi, Pakistan

USD 365

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Goal: USD 30,000

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Did you know in Pakistan 25.02 million boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 16 are not in school?

Every child has the right to free and compulsory education, yet millions of children in the country remain deprived of their Constitutional right.

At Justuju we believe, it's about time this trend was set Right.

Justuju Welfare Organization is a fight for emancipation. It is a yearning to tackle the menace of illiteracy in Pakistan where over 25.02 million children are out of school. We are a youth initiated and youth led NGO that provides education to the less fortunate children. In a short period of four years, the NGO has achieved many milestones paving its way to success in providing quality education to the underprivileged strata of our society hence, ensuring that education is not the privilege of the rich but the right of every citizen of Pakistan. In this short span of time we have grown from 30 children to almost 300 now, attending classes from nursery to Grade 5. Our aim is to nurture and mold this economically underprivileged youth of Pakistan into the pioneers of a better tomorrow. And to carry forward our mission, we need your help.

Restrictions owing to current lack of space:

  • Every year, numerous deserving kids are denied admissions allowing the school to only accept a mere 25% of the total applicants.
  • Lack of proper ventilation facilities as the ratio of kids per square area is quite high owing to space constraints.    
  • Absence of a proper library which is critical in instilling into students the all-important habit of reading & analysis.
  • Nonexistence of computer labs that restricts exposure to learning of computer and similar skills.
  • Lack of proper playground that limits physical growth which is imperative alongside academic lessons.


A dire need of self-sustainable Campus: 

  • In accordance with the vision of TJS, we aim to build a Campus which can guarantee quality education while simultaneously ensuring adequate space.
  • With a history of persistent overwhelming admission response every year, TJS would be able to cater to larger number of students thereby increasing its social footprint.
  • The Campus would be constructed on the notion of providing both primary and secondary education under one roof.
  • With addition of higher grade levels, the Campus would also provide basic necessities of Science and Computer labs together with a well-equipped library.
  • Alongside self-sustainability, the Campus would also ensure a cohesive learning environment for students by providing sufficient opportunities for extracurricular activities


The children at Justuju are smart, driven individuals who understand the power and value of education. They have dreams and aspirations for which they just need the right guidance and they will shine. Invest in their education; invest in the future of a country and a generation. By donating to us you are helping sustain a community's growth and making it prosper. Help make our dream of a campus a reality.

For more information please feel free to send us a message or even visit our website at http://justuju.org/ and Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/justuju/

For regualr updates about the what goes on at the school, you can also follow us on Snapchat (username: justuju) and instagram (username: Justuju Welfare Organization)

Sponsor a child for a month | USD 20+

Sponsor a Desk | USD 60+

Sponsor a Teacher | USD 200+

Adopt a Classroom | USD 1,000+

Sponsor a Computer lab | USD 2,000+

Adopt a Library | USD 3,000+



Anonymous (Mohsin Ali Khan : Mohsinak@live.com)
USD 76.57  Contribution
Karachi, Pakistan
Menab Afridi (menab.a@gmail.com)
USD 20  Contribution
Karachi, Pakistan
Anonymous (Mohsin Ali Khan : Mohsinak@live.com)
USD 76.7  Contribution
Karachi, Pakistan
Anonymous (Mohsin Khan : Mohsinak@live.com)
USD 76.23  Contribution
Karachi, Pakistan
Anonymous (Areej lalani : areejlalani@gmail.com)
USD 76.49  Contribution
Karachi, Pakistan
Anonymous (Sadia Ahmed : sadia.ahmed96@gmail.com)
USD 38.45  Contribution
Karachi, Pakistan
Anonymous (Haseeb Hussain : haseeb.h.gandhi@gmail.com)
USD 1  Contribution
Karachi, Pakistan
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