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My Orphans invites you to EDUCATE AN ORPHAN for $10 a month!PLEDGE $10/MONTH FOR ONE YEAR, and you will help build a school for orphans to learn, play, and have a safe haven!


Prophet Mohammed(s) narrates that he and the supporter of the orphan will be joined together in                                             Heaven. 


According to ahadith, the act of continuous charity will benefit a person even after his/her death.  Funding an orphan school not only earns the reward of helping orphans, but is also a form of continuous charity, as thousands of orphans will benefit from this school for years to come, inshAllah!


Pictures of the current school

Construction site of Our School


The construction process of this new school consists of 2 phases.  Phase 1:  building an elementary school for orphans (boys and girls), costing approximately $30,000.  This school will run two shifts to accommodate the number of orphan students.  Currently, this school is under construction with an anticipated deadline of the Fall, 2016.  This school is only a temporary building for the next five years.


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