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Girls Education in poor areas


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Goal: PKR 500,000

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The purpose of this fund is to educate poor girls in village and to inititate research activities which will determine how social, economic and cultural factors influence the right of girls education. Education is the backbone of infrastructure of any country and it is the basic right of all human beings. Female literacy played a very significant and crucial role in the development of the nation. The state of education, especially female education, is still abysmal in Pakistan. Girls in particularly have limited opportunities to acquire education and attain professional degrees. Research evidence shows that socio-cultural factors including early marriages, stereo type gender roles, financial constraints, social pressures on parents regarding daughters’ education,  baradari system, gender discrimination, social roles of girls in Pakistan, household chores, issues of safety and security of girls, co-education and transportation are major barriers for girls’ pursuing  education.

How this fund will be helpfull?

Most of the poor families in Pakistan do not send their daughters to school becuase of expenditures. They use that money on their sons intead on girls. This fund will help me to provide free and quality education to girls in poor areas. 

Who am I?

I am a PhD in Psychology. I did work on educational issues of girls. After research experience i have dire need to do some thing for poor girls. I am doing it on volunatrily on small level but i want to expand. for this reason i appeal all of you to contribute. 


How many girls will be educated per year?

I have plan to educate minimum 500 new admissions in one year.



 I am appealing all of you to contribute for this cause




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