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Empowerment of Women in the Southern Punjab


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Goal: PKR 1,800,000

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The Women Empowerment Organization (WEO) is a non-government, non-profitable organization dedicated to the development of the marginalized and depressed women through education, skills and economic uplift.

WEO within its available limited resources is based in a depressed community run by the educated and professional people, inspired to help the community for better education, skills, health conditions, clean environment and economical uplift.

Thus through enhanced capacity building women would play a unique role in society both socially and economically.



1.  Women

2.  Youth

3.  Children

4.  Teachers

5.  Laborers

6.  Minorities 



1.  Economic empowerment of women.

2.  Primary education for girls.

3.  Gender sensitivity in academic syllabus.

4.  Gender sensitivity in social, professional and political fields.

5.  Participation in decision making process.

6.  Repeal of discriminatory laws against women.

7.  Crime against women and their access to justice.

8.  Basic health conditions.

9.  Awareness about HIV / Aids.

10.   Clean environment. 


Studying the role of women from the socio-political, cultural, economic and religious perspectives allows us to be more discerning in dealing with the issues concerning them. The study on women as part of an ongoing formation as lay leaders is needed in order to propose and initiate changes in structures and system that do not take into account the dignity of women. Most aspects of globalization have a negative impact on women. Women’s spiritual expression has not been defined by women themselves, so they feel alienated and need to develop their own spirituality and the center of women’s spirituality is faith, love, life and promoting relationships.

Women’s problems across race, religions, citizenship, class and culture are rooted in the structures of patriarchy. Violence against women such as rape, domestic violence, trafficking and the like, is a common phenomenon. In situations of miniaturization and ongoing conflict, women and children are the hapless victims of destabilization, violence and exploitation. Women form a large percentage of migrant workers in the region, giving rise to complex social and family problems. The participation of women in the socio-economic, cultural, political and religious systems of our respective countriy is much less than that of men. 



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