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Give Your Zakat to prevent Maternal and Infant mortality in Pakistan

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Through your Zakat, in Pakistan we will conduct safe births, and provide high quality care to infants and children by our highly qualified and trained doctors at Medicare Health Foundation Hospital, Badami Bagh – Lahore.

Maternal and infant mortality are very high in Pakistan, as 60% of the deliveries are being carried out by unskilled birth attendants, who put the mother’s life at great risk. However, there are other reasons too such as poor health of the expectant mothers, malaria, lack of awareness, unaffordable hospital expenses and lack of immunization of infants against preventable diseases.

Medicare Health Foundation’s goal is to reduce maternal and infant mortality rate. Your Zakat can help us achieve our goal. .


Unfortunately, every 20 minutes, a woman dies in Pakistan during child birth. Likewise, the child mortality figures are very high too; 1 in 77 babies born in Pakistan die within the first 24 hours. These figures could easily be improved if expectant women receive proper healthcare, qualified doctors and nurses carry out deliveries rather than unskilled birth attendants, and infants/children are provided proper pediatric care.  


Through this project, with the help of your Zakat, we will be able to reduce maternal and child mortality rates. Medicare Health Foundation Hospital offers quality services free of cost or at subsidized rates to the poor in Badami Bagh, Lahore. Fully equipped and qualified to conduct normal deliveries, C-section deliveries, antenatal care, other gynecological procedures and pediatric care, Medicare Health Foundation Hospital adheres in international standards of medical care.


Long-Term Impact

Maternal and infant mortality will be reduced. Mothers wouldn’t lose their babies,  and neither will babies lose their mothers. 

Anonymous (Ummara Farooq : ummarafarooq@yahoo.co.uk)
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Lahore, Pakistan
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