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Help the poor people get their daughters married

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Fateh Bibi is an old poor old woman. She lives with her three daughters in a shambles home. Her husband has died and she has no son. She works from dawn to dusk making dung cakes and selling it. she earn very little which is hardly enough to feed her family of three daughters. Her eldest daughter is of the age 28, the younger is of 24, and the youngest is of 18. It is 10 years age when her husband died in an accident. she had to make her eldest daughted leave her stufy just because she (Fateh) alone could not earn enough to suppor the whol family.

Her eldest daughter started stiching clothes and began to earn money but due to increasing prices it is still hard for them to manage household. Humera, the eldest daughter is getting aged. It is custom in pakistan, especially in rural areas that a girl must be married within the age of 30 otherwise no one would be interested in marrying that gilr. So, Fateh bibi is much worried reagrding the marriage of her daughters. I am not in position to provide the whole funds. I have managed to collect 2000 USDs so far through my local references. The rest of 4000 USDs are still required for the marriage of two of her daughters.


Expenses of one marriage:

1. Shopping for the bridal dresses, cosmatics, shoes, clothes for family members etc: 500 USDs

2. Tranportation expenses: 75 USDs

3. Purchase of dowery Items: 1000 USDS

4. Expenses of Tent Services, Catering services: 300 USDs

5. Expenses of Foods Arrangeents for Baraat and Relatives: 1000 USDs

6. Rewards to voluteer workers: 125 USDs

7. Total Expense: 3000 USDs

Expenses of 2 marriages (both elder sisters) : 3000 * 2 = 6000 USDs


Let us support the poor creature and earn the grace of God.. God bless you.


Anonymous (Deepak S : deepak.sridhara@gmail.com)
USD 100  Contribution
Kasur, Pakistan
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