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On 24 January, 2017 the lady gave birth to a baby boy, the infant didn't cry and was unable breath properly.Through CPR and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, the family members tried their best to bring him normal but in vain, so he was horribly took to the nearby hospital in Lahore in Pakistan.  After examine the doctor advise to take the child to The Children's Hospital, Lahore. 
    The term of his stay at Children's was  unknown. He was at sudden kept in nursery ICU. The days and nights passes away and after multiple tests, (blood test, urine test, kidney test and at last bone marrow examination) doctors came to a conclusion that the child was suffering by a bone marrow disease.  The treatment will cost a lot and is beyond their limit.  As the little boy is admit in a government hospital so the large part of the treatment will be done by government support.  But according to the doctors its a long treatment and will require a long term medication.
As parents this is another tragedy in their life.  They have already loss a child few hours after his birth. The family  have provided much needed emotional and spiritual support. This fund is here to add financial support to the mix.  My Uncle is a welder will also likely need time away from work.
Together, we can transfer the financial stress caused by this awful tragedy from the family to us. This will enable them to focus all of their energy on the boy near term survival and long term recovery. By contributing, you will have a direct impact on this little boy's prognosis. Take a few minutes, open your wallet, and contribute what you can. Also, please share with your friends, colleagues and family.



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