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Hill tribe communities of northern Thailand


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'Where There Is No Doctor’ is a non-profit organisation helping  the poor,  underprivileged and marginalised hill tribe communities of Northern  Thailand. The organisation moves from village to village, giving free medical treatment and advice, helping to bring a better quality of life and improved  health to the communities where there is no doctor or health care system in place.

As  well as offering medical advice and treating the local  hill tribes, we support the various  hill tribe communities by promoting the development of  sanitation systems, supporting orphaned and needy  individuals and raising  funds for medical supplies and children education.

Where There Is No Doctor’  is  reliant on donations from various volunteer groups and individuals.  We totally  depend on the goodwill of  kindhearted people for financial assistance  in order to treat the  40-100 patients in each village and to continue the various other social development projects necessary for an improved quality of life among the villagers.

Without  the help of such people we would be unable to carry out our duties as a health care professional, and the neglected people of the hill tribe communities would remain without access to any medical treatment. This way of life is further exacerbated by the reluctance of the government to treat individuals without a Thai identity card, which are very sparingly given to the hill tribe people, which leaves people in unnecessary suffering from easily preventable diseases because  of their inability to prove Thai citizenship.

On behalf of the neglected people of the hill tribes, may we humbly and urgently,  request your help. Any assistance provided would go a very long way in helping to continue the medical/social  work  program, a program that deals with helping those who are unable to help themselves, not because they lack the motivation to do so, but because they are denied the basic human rights that so many of us take for granted. With your help we would be able to encourage more volunteers,  provide secondhand clothes for more children, buy medicines to treat the sick and infirm,  sponsor an underprivileged hill tribe child's education and improve overall village health via better sanitation.

We write to you in all earnestness, and with much hope, that these people will not remain neglected forever. That they shall not always be the forgotten ones but with your help their plight will be brought to the forefront of everyone's minds and that hearts will open up to embrace them and to offer assistance wherever and whenever it is needed.



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