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Homeless Wants Own House


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Some people who are homeless simply need somewhere to live. Others may have specific additional needs, due to mental health difficulties, addiction, relationship breakdown or other problems.this story based to me. we are 5 family members living with our cousins in their home for the last many years. Now they want us to live separately in our own house which we dont have. we belongs to poor family. their is no other income resources that we can buy a house. i am doing a job in an organization at a lower scale and the amount i earn from there, spent on our basic needs, utility bills and others very hardly. this time we are homeless and we need your help yo buy a house. everyone of you might have your own house flat or something to live but we dont have. home is like heaven for everyone. please help us in buying a house. please. we are looking for your donations to buy a house. is there anyone who can feel and hear the voice of our hearts that what we have desired. we are looking for people to help us financially. help us so that we can buy our own house.

To have a House is very important for us please do help us in buying a house. its a humble request to you please donate so that we can get a shelter to live.

Do not judge by appearances; a RICH HEART may be under a POOR COAT. - Scottish Proverb. 
I remember walking through the city streets with a former boss once. Along the way, we passed many homeless people seeking cash, job leads and encouragement. He wondered out loud which of them should receive anything. I wondered silently how he could judge since, although I knew he'd had a troubled childhood, he'd never lived a day on the street.

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