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Hope Uplift Foundation is an independent, voluntary, and non-political charitable organisation which has been dedicated to the uplifting of poor localities around Lahore since 2000.

The aim of HUF is to alleviate poverty through the provision of practical assistance to those who are most in need in the areas of Hunger Relief, Education and Public Assistance. We work towards materializing our motto, “Where there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness.” HUF is designed to provide a diverse set of solutions for the prosperity of society as a whole.


According to the United Nation’s World Food Programme, 49% of Pakistanis rely on food assistance (1). Households in the lowest wealth quintile spend up to 60% of their household incomes on food and just under half of the population is estimated to be food insecure.

At HUF we make an effort to alleviate hunger on a daily basis through our Ration Distribution program and Hunger Relief Stations.



The HUF School System currently has 2 branches, one in Model Colony and the other in Charar Pind, Lahore. With over 1,200 students in classes Nursery to Grade 10, the schools are English-medium and follow the curriculum issued by the Punjab Textbook Board. This focuses on English, Urdu, math, science, Islamic studies, computers, art and general knowledge. One of our aims is to prepare our students for mainstream educational institutions where they may have better opportunities for their futures. The students regularly partake in community events for which they prepare poems and skits to present in front of large audiences.

The School System is supported by APTMA, through a sponsorship program at the rate of PKR 500/month (USD 5/month) per student, as well as by the parents.

We offer Scholarships to students pursuing their post-secondary education in the fields of medicine, nursing, engineering, social sciences and business.

At our Vocational Training Centre we teach young women to knit, sew and do embroidery over a six-month course to facilitate women’s empowerment and small businesses.



The Public Assistance platform offers a range of welfare goods and services to low-income families.

Our 3 main programs are Microfinance, the Dispensary and the Welfare Shop.

In addition, we offer financial assistance for costly medical treatments and roof and utility installation.


Machine for paint shop | PKR 55,000+

Business Startup | PKR 60,500+

House on Girvi | PKR 220,000+

Roof installation | PKR 33,000+

Roof installation | PKR 99,000+

Dispensary cost | PKR 429,000+

Fellowship for Medical Student | PKR 46,200+

Microfinance Fund | PKR 550,000+

Matrimonial Assistance | PKR 220,000+

Vocational Training Centre | PKR 594,000+



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