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Make Classrooms Fun Again at Bhaini Dhilwan School, Lahore

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The CARE network has recently expanded by adopting an additional 100 government schools. One of those schools is Bhaini Dhilwan. Prior to CARE adoption, there were 38 children enrolled in the schools. However, within a month of adoption enrolment increased to 176 students. Although we have been able to provide the school with teachers, we are struggling to provide infrastructure, i.e. tables, chairs, fans to our new campuses.

At the moment our students are sitting on the floor without walls to protect them from blistering temperatures or cold.

Despite the shortage of tables, chairs and fans, our students come to school every day, may it be in the scorching heat or freezing rain. These students possess a strong desire to learn however, it is difficult for students to concentrate in the absence of structured classrooms and furniture.
We, at CARE Foundation, would immensely appreciate your support in our attempt to provide the following facilities to our new schools. We currently require assistance with three classrooms in the school so that can provide basics such as furniture, stationery, fans and whiteboards.
We hope that in providing these facilities we can create an environment that is conducive to learning. Help us transform the lives of these children by giving them the gift of education.


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