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Goal: PKR 500,000

PKR ¤1 minimum contribution

We need to rebuild the application as a crowd funded / free open source software. We already have started the project and shared its code over here. and we already have crossed 1,000 registered donors.

What we are planning to do

  1. Create facebook social application
  2. Software features
    1. Location Based user list and search results
    2. Total privacy of donor details
    3. Donor medical history record
    4. Emergency contact list and alert dispatch system
  3. Create Mobile application
    1. Donor Location on Google Maps
    2. Incident Alerts, and donor ability to respond
    3. Donor confirmation of his availability

In order to reach our goal we need the following resources

  1. 10 months pay for 2 software engineers, 1 designer and 1 QA
  2. 6 months pay for 1 iOS developer and 1 Android developer
  3. 2 Macbook pro for iOS development and an iPad

What we are contributing

  1. We have our own office with the capacity of 20+ people, so all office expenses (tea / lunch)
  2. Windows Systems
  3. Android Mobiles / Tablet / Windows Based Mobiles for application development
  4. A dedicated project manager and a developer

So please, help us completing our dream and be a part of something good where your spent money can really save thousands of lives across globe.

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