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Global objective

Projet d’Amélioration de l’accès des enfants et des femmes aux Services d’Eau Potable et d’Assainissement environnemental (PASEPA)

The Project Improvement of the access of children and women in the Potable Water and Environmental Sanitation Services (PASEPA)

Project Targets
• 39.701 students in 289 schools;
• 963 teachers in target schools;
• The people of 762 communities (villages) located in 15 targeted communes or 326.967 people (156.579 men and 170.388 women) distributed in 52.730 households; of which 35.690 people will benefit from access to an improved source of drinking water and 97.193 that will have access to latrines;
• The 15 towns of the two provinces;

Specific objective
The project PASEPA aims to ensure equitable and sustainable access to safe drinking water and sanitation to children, women and marginalized people in 15 towns in the provinces of Poni and Noumbiel and to improve the health and quality of life of the habitants of the South-western region of Burkina Faso for harmonious development.
The project look for the construction and rehabilitation of 123 boreholes in 40 schools and 83 communities; Construction and rehabilitation of 17.065 latrines in 65 schools and 17,000 households; information and awareness campaigns on hygiene among students and teachers as well as in communities and with partners and associated members; Development of action plans for the effective management of water, sanitation and hygiene in schools, communities and municipalities; Training of artisans-repairers and masons for the construction and maintenance of wells and latrines; Implementation of Water Management Committees in villages and associations of water users

 in the communes; Support to the operationalization of the elements of the National Policy on Water Supply and Sanitation; Meetings of coordination and consultation between the project stakeholders at the local, provincial and national levels; capacity building of local stakeholders involved in water and sanitation at municipal, provincial and regional level through training and institutional support.

The expected results
Outcome 1: Children from 289 local schools have access to drinking water supply and sanitation as well as regular awareness programs on hygiene practices;
Result 2: Communities, especially women and marginalized people have equitable access and maintain continuous water service;
Outcome 3: communities, especially women and marginalized people have equitable access and maintain continuous hygiene and sanitation services and adopt good practices;
Outcome 4: Capacities of Commons to implement a maintenance management system for water and sanitation are strengthened;
Outcome 5: Local associations and decentralized services of the state are able to provide support to communities for a regular and reliable supply of drinking water, sanitation and hygiene.

Project cost: approx 5M$



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