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Post graduation dream with empty pockets


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Goal: PKR 1,500,000

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I’ve always dreamed of higher educations in the leading schools of the country, like any other student, I’m not like anyone special. I’m graduate Engineer in Metallurgy and Materials engg:. After graduation I rushed for the job which was obviously not easy to put my hands on. After working hard I started working for 15,000/- PKR and I knew I had a long way to go. My father is low scale government employee one from the honest who never accepted bribery his salary is 30,000/- we live in rented house whose rent is 13,000 and my father has a daughter to support as well and he is at the verge of retirement. My brother himself is struggling to survive with a wife a newly born baby and salary of 16,000/- PKR. I was totally frustrated so I thought to give up on my dream. But I hear about this site, I thought to give it a try. I would be thankful to each and every one if I’m funded to study more. Post-graduation cost around 1,500,000/semester in Griffith University Brisbane Australia, Where I’ve been selected at. Thanks in advance for your time to read my story. Even if you don’t fund me I’m grateful if you intended to help me but couldn’t.



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