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With an alarming increase in the number of drug addicts in Peshawar, it has become an utmost need of the time to come up with an effective solution.
A report by United Nations Office on Drug and Crimes (UNODC) suggests that number of drug users in overall Pakistan sums up to six percent of 6.7 million people; with KPK contributing to 10.9 percent of its population. Most of the drug user are reported to be in age of 25-19 years. The biggest issue concerning the highest number of drug users in KPK is due to easy availability of drugs. More alarmingly, around 45000 women in KPK uses hashish. Overall, 1.6 million people in KPK use drugs; most common among them is cannabis.
The major problem faced while rehabilitating drug addicts is the presence of small detoxification centers in Peshawar. The only detoxification center in Peshawar has 30 beds and an average time period allotted to a drug addict is 45-60 days. According to a report by Dost foundation, there are 4 rehabilitation centers with overall capacity of 500 beds.
About Project:
Since these drug addicts add to the instability of systems by involving in a number of crimes, a step needs to be taken to address their needs. We, Project Rehab team, are determined to provide solution by making an app which will enable the capture of any drug addicted person, send us the picture automatically enabled with location detection and our team will reach to ensure their placement in rehabilitation center.



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