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Protection & Preservation of Pakistan Environment


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In order to protect the dwindling and declining environmental conditions of Pakistan ,whereby massive deforestation has left Pakistan with a fragile forest canopy of just 2 % from 4 % at the time of indepenance of Pakistan.Whereas global stanards require a forst cover of 20 %.

Friends of Environment wants to strive for continually improved natural resource conservation by promoting philosophy of Re-use, re duce, recycle products.

Advocate continually to reduce emission of Greenhouse gases, minimize noise, air & water pollution, control industrial ,residential & commercial waste to keep the environment clean and safe.

By growing useful shady ,fruit & long life trees on massive scale.Not only growing plants ,rather we want to preserve them initially for atleast one year and than for even longer period.




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Massive Tree Plantation Activity by Friends of Environment

Friends of Environment

Massive Tree Plantation & more importantly Preservation Campaign:

Spring -2017 (Period of activity:  Plantation from February -2017 upto May 2017)

Preservation from April -2017 upto January  2018)

Number of Trees to be planted: 100,000


Within Islamabad Pakistan

Various Main Roads, Vacant Parks, Hospitals, Schools ,Colleges & Universities and other public places in Islamabad.(under study & planning)

Type of Trees to be planted:

We are focused not only to increase the umbrella cover if trees, but we also intend to preserve the endangered species of trees. Some endangered species are known to us like Acacia (Kikar) & Sissoo (Tali) ,however there may be several others, which would also be focused on. In addition, our focus is also on long life, strong, shady & fruit trees including but not limited to the following. We are also planning trees according to the site requirements, like on the side of roads, we are planning high rise,straight,shooting up ward trees like Pine,Poplar,Cedar etc.Like wise fruit trees are being planned for colleges,Schools & universities etc.

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