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Providing Safe Drinking Water to School Childrens by Installing RO System.


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About the Programme:

                                    Drinking Water Problems in Remote Area Government Schools, Andhra Pradesh, India. One of the most serious problems in India is access to clean drinking water and sanitation. 2.6 Billion people still do not have access to a safe Drinking Water facilities.As Its Our Fundamental Right To Have Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation Facilities in Rural, Remote and Slum area  Government Schools in Andhra Pradesh, India.

                                          What Is Happening *1000 Children Dying Everyday in India *Leading cause of Malnutrition in Children under Five Years Old What Can Be Done *Improve Hygiene Through Handwashing *Improve Sources of Drinking Water and Sanitation Facilities What You Can Do *Spread The Message Among Deprived Section *Share This With You Network *Support RRHEDS In Its Efforts To Provide Awareness in Schools in Slums, Remote and Rural Areas  of Andhra Pradesh, India.

                                        Nearly 2.5 million children under 5 years old die every year because of water related deseases. Out of these nearly 0.78 million children die of diarrhoea alone.Water is scarce in most parts of India, and piped supply of water is not available in most of rural India. Women have to travel long distances to carry home a pot full of water. Most of the people in rural areas drink water directly from polluted ponds. Most of the Remote and Rural Area Schools also don't have water facility for safe drinking purpose. Every children face a big problum at the time of meals in Government Schools.  


Total Number of Beneficiaries:

                                    500 Childrens studying in Remote Area Government Schools.    


Project Purpose/Objectives:    

                                                           A source of water can change entire lifestyle of a particular area, and since it is a dire necessity, it is considered as a big opportunity for the School Childrens at the time of Mid Day Meals.

Drinking Healty water  regularely.

Control Water born Diseases.       

Organizational Activities:    

(1) To empower Women and Children
(2) To Develop Youth and Adolescent
(3) To Work for ST, Dalit & down trodden empowerment
(4) To Eradicate child labor
(5) To Create Awareness of Health Education, Environment, Social Issue , Disaster              Management, e.t.c.
(6) To Provide Livelihood / Income generation
(7) To Impart Skill Development Trainings
(8)  To Work form Agriculture & Rural Development
(9) To Propagate Science and Technology
(10) To Conduct Study & Research       


Out Come/Impact:

                                           One of the simple ways of solving water scarcity problem is installation of RO System attached Bore wells. RRHEDS has taken this challege and Planned to installed several Bore wells with RO System in especially Government Schools in the state of Andhra Pradesh.  Presently we are concentrating in Guntur and Prakasam District Government Schools located in Rural, Remote and Slum areas.

                                 A source of water can change entire lifestyle of a particular area, and since it is a dire necessity, it is considered as a big opportunity for the School Childrens. With a small budget one could bring cheers in the faces of  childrens who were suffering for want of one of the basic requisites of survival as wellas safe drinking purpose. Thousands of  School Childrens have to be benefited with the  Bore wells with RO System installed by RRHEDS with the support of Donors. It is one of the greatest gifts one could donate to a community. A bore well  not only brings access to water, but most importantly Installation of RO System access to clean drinking water and removes the Contamination in the water and reduce the Flouride contents also. Then the school childrens are safe from water born Diseases and We get to reach an entire community and share the love of our savior.

                                   We have already survyed the Government  Schools and they are facing a lot for Acess of Drinking Water. For coming months it is very big  challange especially for School Childrens at the time of Summer Season. Especially in Rock areas of Piduguralla, Rentachinthala, Yerragondapalem, Giddalur, Vinukonda, Savalyapuram facing a serious problums in fufutre.    

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