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"25 million of our children are out of school and many of them have never gone to school. Currently the literacy rate in Pakistan is 75% while the target was to bring it to 88%. The enrolment rate in primary section is 58% while it was targeted to bring 100% in MDGs."

Education is a matter of death and life for a nation. But I think that's should be stated as, "Quality of education is the matter of death and life for a nation." This how important the quality of education is. Public schools in Pakistan has niether management systems, nor policies and monitoring mechanism. The teachers are still using old traditional teaching methods, they are still in favor of carporal punishment. They are still not interested in innovation and creativity.

The result is more out of school children. The poor families cannot afford quality eduction in private shools dues to high fees. Moreover, there are some areas where there is no good school available. The people are shifting to cities and towns. The hunt for quality education has given tremendous rise to exodus to cities.


"We need to provide free quality education to those who are unable to afford it. We need to support our children- the stars of the world."


Ittehad Fundation, provides qualitiy education to poor children who cannot afford that quality at any price. We have our schools in remote areas. We are a hope in the darkness. Almost 17603 students have been provided with free primary education at national standards. We are changing thoughts- we are changing lives- we are creating new minds.


Join us on this journey of change and creation. Will you be a supporter of this grand cause?


We are raising funds for the establishment of a new shool in a highly desrving and backward area of the district. We need to raise

10,000 USDs for new building, furniture, awareness raising, expenses of one year.

Please share the word with the world by sahring this story on your social networks. 

Help us make the stars shine---




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