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Rehabilitation of Sexually Exploited Children

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SEHER’s Assessment revealed the prevalence of vulnerability of boys towards sexual abuse and exploitation in Quetta. It was also highlighted that mostly the incidences of child abuse take place in the vicinities of Cinemas, video gaming zones and small hotels. The boys who are forced to work by their parents usually become any easy target for the perpetrators to lure them into commercial sexual activities.

The darkest side of the picture is the ignorance of the society, which gives the perpetrators open hand to carry out this cruel and evil activities against children There are 39 spots where children are vulnerable to be target of sexual abuse and exploitation. A rough estimate indicates that a sizeable number of 4000 children in age bracket of 7 to 20 years are frequently visiting these spots. One of the ill known spots is Baldia plaza which is situated in the very heart of the city. According to some analysis daily 20000 to 250000 people visits this place however the heinous culture of silence has so strongly blindfolded the people that they refuse to see and speak against these inhuman and antisocial activities.

These children are the run away from schools, work place or home to hide themselves from the physical abuse of teacher, employers or parents.

The issue on which all the mega actors including civil society organization, government departments and religious leaders had turned a deaf year; in such as situation SEHER stood alone to take the bull by the horn. In the year 2006 SEHER with the financial assistance and technical guidance of Group Development took a decisive step of taking an initiative against these inhuman and antisocial commercial activities.

SEHER strategically dealt the situation multi-dimensionally. On one hand SEHER started rehabilitation of victimized children through variety of recreational activities and psychosocial counseling and on the other hand started sensitization of key stakeholders that include people belonging to different tiers of the society that directly or indirectly have a link with the life of the children vulnerable to sexual abuse.  The focused stakeholders include parents, primary care givers, mentors, community elders, Law Enforcing officials, school teachers and elected representatives.

SEHER initially faced tremendous critical pressure for having touched so sensitive an issue, as most of the people were reluctant to discuss about and it was considered a taboo. The gravity of situation charted another difficult however equally important path of breaking the culture of silence, which in a sense had provided a safe shelter to perpetrators. SEHER kept its consistent endeavors continue for several consecutive years and as a result succeeded in highlighting the issue in different provincial and national forums, in which the issue was comprehensively discussed.

To continue this intervention SEHER needs financial support, till now we have rehabilitated 350 children and 56 are now working to earn thier livlihood from skills they have learned and are now part of the youth groups to support other children.

Farzana Noshirwani (farkairasp@yahoo.con)
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Quetta, Pakistan
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