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S.M.F is the voice of every electric & electronic device.


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S.M.F is the voice of every electric & electronic device.


Set Me Free is a mission to set free every electric and electronic device from human slavery and vice versa, so that autonomously work of every device could be possible without human effort.

lets start with an example. fuel stations, petrol/gas pumps here you will find a human operator, he only has to enter an amount at a fueling unit so you get specified quantity of gas/petrol. now here a man cannot do his job without fueling unit and unit without this man’s effort. whereas a human can utilize its effort and time for more complected things easy for human and difficult or sometimes impossible for computers. such little things like entering amount the computers can do easily without getting tired and without any salary/wages and in any extrem condition like hot weather or stress.



its easy as 1 2 3 and done. easy for user’s to use SMF.

1) All you have to get a prepaid fuel card.

2) and show this card to fueling unit.

3) it will be scanned if your card has valid amount it allows you to get fuel as much as your prepaid card allows to you.


i already programed its software, LINK OF VIDEO now all we need to do is to execute it on a on-board micro processor (a small computer) with micro controller (to control input outputs) at fueling unit and it will be alive as megatron of movie transformers :) .
its program is written in C++ so it can easily and smoothly control all fueling units functions. and smooth and lite for on-board micro processors little RAM.
why does he plan to use such small RAM computers? This must be your question.
because of less energy consumption and specially they are cheap in price.


just few hundreds of USD per unit. few means you can count on your one hand.
in return you get a totally automatic fuel station without labor and tension of salaries.
why this project’s cost is many times less then autonomous fuel pumps of western world?
because we don’t want to start it from beginning at least now, this system will be integrated with already existed fueling units and remarkable output in tight budged.


WHY I AM HERE at www.fundstak.com ?
first of all excuse me for my limited understanding of English.
i heard a lot about crowd funding platforms but when i googled i came across a very few crowd funding sites for Pakistan. and mostly people here in PK on crowd funding sites looking for charity or some thing none return able how strange :(
i just got a totally different scenario of crowd funding platform's of Pakistan.
but my project is not about charity or none returnable funds bcz i want to use this platform to be funded for this new business idea and earn and return these funds with profit as all business do or as all crowd funding platforms specifications are.

i want to set petrol pump’s fueling units FREE.

in 2nd step commercial or none commercial water purification plants, because both need a human effort to run continuously. and tube walls too.


updates can be found here.




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