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Why does a child live on the streets?


The phenomenon of street children is multifaceted. The combination of familial, economic, social, and political factors play an important role in their situation. It is therefore very difficult to single out one or more causes. However, children who have been questioned say that family, poverty, abuse, war, etc. are often why they left for the streets.


What are the problems encountered by street children?


Street children are confronted by a large number of problems. In fact, growing up in an environment generally regarded as dangerous, they incur considerable risks.

As a consequence, some of their rights are very often compromised.


Right to Food


Street children often don’t have access to a healthy and sufficient diet. Sometimes they don’t even have food, because living on the streets,  they don’t produce any and don’t have money to buy.


Also, these children don’t benefit from a balanced diet: they eat what they can find. Sometimes, when they have the choice, they even favour unhealthy foods such as ice cream, cakes, etc. and so run the risk of malnutrition. Growth problems are also common with these children.


Right to Health


The health of children growing up on the streets is strongly compromised. In fact, they don’t have access to sanitary facilities: they are often dirty and infested with fleas.

Also, because of their lack of hygiene, street children are exposed to different diseases. Their health is often troubling. Without a family to take care of them, these youth must take care of themselves.


Additionally, street children, to escape their reality, often use cannabis, alcohol, or inhale natural gas. Unfortunately, these very hard living conditions, have a negative impact not only on their physical and psychosocial development, but also on their cultural and economic development.


Right to Education


Street Children are obviously not educated. Because of this, they don’t have the same opportunities as other children. In fact, because they don’t see a future for themselves, and because they have no professional training, they are hindered from finding a job and from finally leaving the streets.


Right to Non-discrimination


“People speak badly of us,
they blame us for everything, and call us wad-bi or drogue-gnoudba.”


Seen as marginal, street youth are often victims of discrimination. Generally, adults have prejudices that stigmatize them as “street children”. Consequently, they are often associated with the dangers of the streets. It is often difficult for these children to reintegrate into society.


Project Implementation


It is essential to raise public awareness on the problems of street children in order to bring about a lasting change in attitudes. This will be done through information campaigns and by providing training for representatives of police and social authorities, through nationwide media campaigns and lobby work. A strategy will be developed for networking the project with public authorities and other non-profit organizations in order to ensure its long-term existence. Heightening public awareness of the problem of street children is another factor that will help to increase the longevity of the project.


Target Beneficiaries 


The project will support children who are in need of special protection e.g. victims of violence and abuse, street children, substance abusers, children in conflict with the law, etc. Advocacy for children’s rights at national level, and to monitor their status. Activities in these sectors meet a child’s right to protection.


Project Objectives


The project will focus on access to education e.g. early childhood, basic education, secondary and vocational training, health care, skills and acquisition, basic nutrition and shelter. Such activities will be delivered formally and help meet a child’s fundamental rights to provision.


We Need Help 


  • To establish a shelter house, which will reside 30 street children
  • To provide rehabilitation services to 30 street children
  • To provide food and clothes to 30 street children
  • To provide education to 30 street children


I am a volunteer member of a few non-profit organizations and educational institutes from Pakistan. I help them raise funds as per their needs. We are offering BIG REWARDS for your contribution.




Contact Me

Email: maftab92@gmail.com


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mahmooda.aftab


Twitter: https://twitter.com/maftab92


Website: http://www.aghazenau.com/


Please feel free to ask any question. 




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