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Travoney - Pakistan's first crowd-shipping platform for peer-to-peer baggage delivery


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<p>What is Travoney, you may ask? Aside from being a stress-reliever and ultimate practicality tool rolled into one, it is the union of both traveler and sender, a unique platform which unites someone embarking on a worldwide destination with someone who needs to send a package to that same destination. A perfect example is as follows: Saad who lives down the road is desperate to send a birthday gift to his niece who lives in Karachi, Pakistan; due to his enormous workload he forgot about the birthday and only managed to buy the much anticipated gift at the last minute; but to his despair, the cost of sending it by urgent post is absolutely EXTORTIONATE and at any rate, there is no guarantee it will make it in time. So what does Saad do? Well, in the next town, it turns out that Umair the local hairdresser just so happens to be taking a trip to Karachi the very next day; Umair also happens to be a registered Traveler with Travoney; Saad, learning about Travoney while hectically Googling an alternative solution, leaps for joy. He realizes that by handing his package over to Umair to deliver to his niece, he will not only be saving himself a great deal of money, but can also rest easy in the knowledge that the package will arrive on time. Quickly, Saad registers as a Sender and it isn&rsquo;t long before Traveler Umair and Sender Saad are happily communicating with one another.</p>

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