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Current evidence from around the world indicates that young people are facing particular problems and challenges in gaining access to the labor market and finding secure employment. They do face unprecedented levels of challenge around the world in accessing the careers they want to pursue. Their families are often actively involved in helping them find work but however, it keeps being a challenge.

In the context of Rwanda, unemployment rate increases for young graduates who graduates every year from different Universities and covational/technical schools. Upon graduation the country and their families have spent a lot for their education but these finances seem to be squandered as young people face unemployment and lack of seeds capital that prevent them from either finding a job or creating their our businesses.

However, young people have developed their knowledge and skills that can help their survive or even change the livelihood of the community. We highly believe that our skills and knowledge can be invested to generate a relative income that can support our families.

With this in mind, young people thought about employing themselves by starting a graduates association that will have a District Entrepreneurship Center (DEC) in all districts of Rwanda. As per the picture, the DEC accepts many vocational cooperatives in all sectors of economic activites to engages all young graduates with different skills or talents.

We are actually raising funds to build our facilities, materials and the working space in all district. By supporting us, you are raising the voice of unemployed youth. Check our website



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