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Wall of Kindness - Free usables for anyone who needs


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Few months ago a rich and educated person started putting cloths, toys, food items and other daily life usables on wall and called it "Wall of Kindness". There was everything open for anyone who needs. 

People who can't ask someone to help them financially to buy a dress they were able to go to wall of kindness and get whatever they wanted. Then many people started hanging things on the wall who could afford.

Once started Wall of Kindness never gets empty. Rich people from surroundings start hanging and putting things on it and it becomes a real help for them who shy to ask for help and don't want to be a begger at all.....

No one knows who took whatever from the wall so there is no point to be thankful to anyone or reward back for anyting. I have attached a picture of an existing wall of kindness I started a week ago.

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