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Community Development through Culture, Arts and Crafts


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The Western Orissa region has a large indigenous population that is rich in cultural heritage and deeply connected to history of the entire Kosal region. The population mosaic comprises an important cultural heritage in the form language, literature, arts and crafts, folk music, drama and dance forms. The economy is also closely linked to handicrafts, handlooms, and cottage industries as related to culture in the form of local musical instruments, jewelry, and other forms of cultural representation unique to the region, which are closely associated with their livelihoods as well. Today with the huge technological onslaught and modernization, there is a vast population that is left in the lurch, unable to compete with the modern trades and skills and also trying to keep themselves and their livelihoods relevant for economic wellbeing.

Parinaama would like to create a platform by setting up a library and resource center for all the aspects mentioned above, so that it assists people visually, and physically to underscore the value in historical and contemporary culture. It is also a platform to encourage traditional livelihoods of tribal communities and others, so that they continue to earn income employing skills that they are most familiar with. 

Through the project, Parinaama aims to get the community engaged with social and economic empowerment issues.


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