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Health care Search & Call Centre Search is a patient focused, unbiased, independent medical website .

which has the doctor profiles from across Pakistan . Patients can book confirmed appointments with doctors listed on website. This is a free service for both the patient and the doctor.


In Pakistan the health care professional are in Urban and major towns across the country . since we are majorly rural area so it is a very difficult time consuming and costly options for people going to main cities for treatment as they do not aware of doctors clinic address , How to get Appointment , what’s are the working hours , which doctor to consult , Doctors profile so to answer these questions i am a positive to develop a site which has all these information as 3g and 4g has covered all most every corner of the country that makes an enabler for this cause .

Step 2

Also beside this i have a idea to develop a CALL CENTRE where patients and people can get the basic information about the doctors , laboratories and the suggestion to visit particular specialist doctor who is the best options nearest to patient convenience .

Step 3

we shall be helping poor and needy people to go to visit doctor for treatment and the cost of doctor fee shall be paid via our project , this will be a great help for those who needs us in such difficult times .

I have already booked the Domain and also have purchased the hosting for one year .


But making it a start and successful we need fund and software developers as volunteers to help me with this project .







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